The Benefits of Drinking Water Filter Systems

Water filter systems are very useful in any household as they help to remove a number of impurities such as chlorine, lead, bacteria among other contaminations. The water purifiers can remove such impurities by using a physical barrier, a biological process or a chemical process.


Different types of Water Filter Systems

The Water filter systems are available for usage in three different types. These are:

  1. Water Treatment plant filters

These water filter systems are one of the simplest water purifiers which use a number of different filters to remove various impurities and contaminations from water supplied to your home. Many different types of filters are used in this technique such as disk filters, rapid sand filters, slow sand filter bed and biological filters such as algae scrubbers.

  1. Point-of-use Filters

Most of the point-of-use filters are used at home to filtering the tap water from contaminations and impurities. These filters include a number of Granular-activated carbon filters (GAC) which are used for carbon filtering. Also a number of filters use more than one filtration method to remove these impurities.

  1. Portable Water filters

Portable water purifiers are handy as they can be used on the move to help you provide with clean and heathy drinking water when you are not at home. These filters are small and lightweight and filter water by using a mechanical hand pump or a siphon drip system to force water into built-in water bottles.

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Benefits of Drinking Water Filter Systems

  1. Water filter systems remove the bacterial and chlorine contaminations from the tap water to provide you with drinking water that tastes and smells good.
  2. The point-of-use water filter purifiers can help to remove the lead particles from the tap water during the filtration process and prevents it from entering your body when you consume the water.
  3. The overall cost of purchasing a countertop filter for providing you with clean and healthy water is less than that of bottled water.
  4. The Water purifiers reduce the risk of colon cancer, ladder cancer and rectal cancer substantially by removes the chlorine byproducts from the drinking water.
  5. A block carbon water filter system can help to remove selective contaminants from the tap water while retaining certain healthy minerals to maintain the balance of pH in drinking water.
  6. Drinking filtered and clean water helps to protect the human body from a number of diseases and leading to greater health.
  7. A water filter system allows you to filter contaminations from water to make it fit for drinking as well as cooking.
  8. The water purifiers can help to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal disease by over 33 percent by helping to remove contaminants such as giardia and cryptosporidium from drinking water.
  9. Water filter systems provides you with the last defense line between your body and over 2100 different toxins which might be contaminated in tap water.
  10. Most water filters also have water softener attached to them to soften the hardness of tap water. One of the top water softeners in UK is the Kinectico 2020c HF.
  11. Water filters provide the people with the healthiest source of drinking water which are essential for developing a child’s immune system.

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