Best 4 Movie Apps Of All Time

We all have been movie critics at some point or the other in our lifetimes. But our opinions on movies cannot be converted into judgments unless other people feel the same. The Hollywood Box Office has produced more than 44,000 movies till date which have entertained us whole-heartedly. When we walk out of the theatre, there is nothing more delightful than spilling the beans and telling everything to our loved ones about the awesome movie you just came across. But just for a regard to a larger set of audience and to streamline our thoughts about movies, we people prefer to use rating systems.


About Rating System

Rating systems generally place your favorites on a scale and project them as good or bad based on numbers. Ratings are very objective in nature and help to make instant judgments about movies which you may or may not preferably watch. On the other hand, there are reviews. The reviews are more comprehensive in nature and provide you with an opinion which might click and make you want to watch the movie straightaway.

Whether you’re planning a dinner for your special one or just like to catch a glimpse of what’s worth seeing before actually paying for an expensive theatre experience, you have plenty of options to read up what’s new hitting the box office and what is really good enough to spend some hard earned cash on. There are many ways to get movie rating and reviews. Movie rating apps are one of the best ways of doing that. You get an instant idea whether to pick that specific movie for that night or not based on simple ratings which are truly objective in nature.

Best 4 Movie Rating Apps

Best is a very subjective word, what’s important is to find an application that provides you honest reviews for the movies you like. Here are some of our choices which can be at your most convenient disposal, i.e. your handheld device.


For an ultimatum on movie ratings, nothing beats ShowBox. ShowBox is an android based entertainment app platform that offers its user’s honest movie reviews and ratings based on user experiences. Moreover, it can be your one-stop destination both to check ratings and view movies for free.


This movie rating app has a good browsing experience on a handheld device and helps you get ratings, reviews, show-time and what not!


MovieBox is one of the best free movie apps that offers you the pleasure of viewing movies online on your device and helps you see other people’s views on the same movie. It is a great application for your device as it serves both purposes of watching movies for free and rating based on genuine reviews from the users itself. MovieBox app is now also available for iPad users.

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes gathers its reviews from publications which are highly rated and then averages their scores. It segregates movies on the basis of what has been given a ‘fresh’ rating of over 50% and a ‘rotten’ one of under 50%. In a nutshell, this platform separates the wheat from the chaff to help you select your Friday night viewing!

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