Buying Guide For Agon AG322QC4 Gaming Monitor

AOC has been spoiling users with quality monitors, but the AGON AG322QC4 is one of a kind. This monitor is designed with high graphics specifications which makes it perfect for gaming. The monitor has outstanding features.

Visual Panel

The AGON AG322QC4 monitor has a 3 sided frameless panel which offers superb gaming visuals to the game lovers. The monitor features a 31.5 inches VA (Vertical Alignment) panel which has a brightness of 50 million: 1 contrast ratio, 4ms response time and a brightness rating of 300cd/m2. These VA panels offer an excellent colour reproduction and also gives you a wide viewing angle.

Screen Resolution

Its screen resolution is more fascinating where it has a QHD (2560×1440) which gives clear images when gaming. This resolution has a better imagery compared to the 4K.

Curved Display

If you have upgraded your system with a bodacious AMD Ryzen or Intel Core X, then the AGON AQ322QC4 is a perfect complement for your system. This monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a 1800R curve. This 1800mm curvature radius gives you a good immersion where it covers your peripheral vision. Unlike Oblique angles, its curved display offers an almost perpendicular angle which eliminates picture distortions and colour shift. Therefore it’s convenient for you and your buddies playing racing games at different positions because it tries to equalise the screen-to-user distance.

Sync Support

This AOC’s monitor uses FreeSync support rather than a G-Sync. Its FreeSync 2 technology offers you a tear-free and stutter-free gaming experience. This assures you a smooth gaming session with your buddies.

Refresh rate

It has a 144Hz refresh rate and a 4ms GtG response time which helps in delivering smooth gameplay. It also features a variable refresh rate where it matches the CPU’s framerate with the monitor’s refresh rate. This refresh rate help ensures that you enjoy full competition from your fellow gamers because it eliminates the blurry effect of motion. It provides quick feedback due to its mode of low input lag. Actions given by the input devices such as the mouse, gamepad or keyboard are translated into the visuals quickly.

Game Customisation

This monitor has moved gaming to a whole new level where you can change the game mode precepts to your preferred type of genre. For instance, you can switch to FPS or RTS for more explicit visuals. It has a shadow control function which quickly brightens dark areas.

Monitor Adjustment

It’s ergo base allows you to adjust the monitor’s height, swivel and tilt positions to your preferred direction.


This AGON monitor is fitted with HDMI inputs and DisplayPort for output purposes. It also has a dual-port USB 3.0 and a 3.5mm audio jack for a mic and headphones.

These are the key features that should guide your choice of monitor if you are looking for a quality monitor to satisfy your gameplay. The monitor is designed to suit your preferences because you can adjust most of the things.

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