Fortnite Android

According to Epic Games, the publisher of Fortnite – Battle Royale, the game will not be accessible on GooglePlay Store. The publisher confirmed that the Android edition of the game would lack on GooglePlay Store at the moment. The franchise has resolved to make the free version of the game to air on its main website after release.

Fortnite Android

The Android software distribution process may be the enormous cause why Epic Games want to take another direction for its battle royale game. Another to have in mind is the popularity of Fortnite, which has become a huge issue for Google. According to a reliable source, the main reason why Epic games decide to boycott Google is because of its thirty percent distribution cost. The CEO of Epic Games mentioned that the service GooglePlay Store offer is less compared to the distribution fee. This includes customer service, download bandwidth and payment processing.

With the move taken by Epic Games, there is every possibility for other companies to take the same action. The move may be smart but can as well remain difficult to achieve. This is because GooglePlay Store has been serving other bigger gaming companies for a long time. In fact, the store has helped in exposing and increasing the visibility of some big players in the industry.

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The popularity of Fortnite is increasing almost every day, and the company has been able to bank one billion dollars in revenue from other devices. In fact, Epic Games has been able to make this huge revenue through its own effort. In most cases, people looking for the game will get quick access by visiting GooglePlay Store first before visiting other platforms.

Since Epic is making its customers to move away from GooglePlay Store, it can also lead to making people have a second thought about using Android. With Android, you will be able to install a third-party application immediately through the procedure called sideloading. The Epic installer will make the procedure smoother while the normal approach remains difficult.

According to the record, Epic is not the premier company to follow this approach by cutting Google away from the equation. Amazon is also a huge player in the industry like Epic and has asked its users to download by using side-loading process. Many professional players prefer to follow a couple of steps to get the job done rather than visiting the GooglePlay Store. When talking about users in the 20s and teens, Fortnite has remained a popular gaming platform. For most of these users, it may be a difficult concept to install applications on their phone directly.

With the decision taken by Epic, some users will discover the ability to install apps without stress. This means that game publishers will not experience further difficulties in relating with users. While the decision is a tough and smart one, gamers can wait to see how it plays out. There is every possibility something may be the huge catch for this move.